Just this guy, you know? (dirtyknobs) wrote in polysics,
Just this guy, you know?

Chicago Gig 11/09/08

Forgot to mention this here earlier, so:

I saw Polysics at their show in Chicago. My wife and I drove about 500 miles (1000 round-trip) from northern Minnesota to get there, but it was worth every mile and ever dollar. You can read the entire review here.

Some of you might have also seen it linked to from the No More Tears No Crying blog. Very very cool! You can also check out my review of their show in Milwaukee last year. I got all four of my Polysics edition Mister Monster figures signed. Super cool!

I have something extra special in the works for Otaku USA Magazine as well (I'm the music guy here,) but it's still a ways off, so stay tuned!
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