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Kayo is graduating ;;

Hey Poly-ppl,

Don't know how many of you are on their mailing list, I haven't been checking my email and I just read this:


We have a important announcement today.
Polysics will have a show at Nippon Budokan on 14th March 2010.
Nippon Budokan is one of the most biggest and famous concert hall in
And Kayo, keyboardist will graduate from Polysics on the day.
She determined to live her life as a woman not the musician.
She says she spent really happy and quality time for about 10 years
with Polysics.

But still she is Polysics member, she will keep doing her best as a
Polysics member.
Please come and see her last tour in US.

Finally, we are grateful to all the people who supported Kayo.
Polysics will continue to pursue very Polysics thing.
We wish your wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!!


I'm glad that I was at least lucky enough to see them once ;; For you lucky bastards who live in states that they always go to, here is your chance to see Kayo for her last US tour:

■Jan-28-10 Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA
■Jan-29-10 The Roxy Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
■Jan-30-10 Casbah
San Diego, CA
■Feb-02-10 Plush
Tucson, AZ
■Feb-03-10 The Rhythm Room
Phoenix, AZ
■Feb-05-10 The White Rabbit
San Antonio, TX
■Feb-06-10 The Independent
Austin, TX
■Feb-07-10 The Loft
Dallas, TX
■Feb-10-10 Double Door
Chicago, IL
■Feb-11-10 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
■Feb-12-10 Musica
Akron, OH
■Feb-13-10 The Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY
■Feb-14-10 Middle East
Cambridge, MA
■Feb-16-10 The Rock and Roll Hotel
Washington, DC
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